Mountain River Screensaver

Mountain River Screensaver 3.0

Animated 3D screensaver featuring a soothing moutainous scene
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Mountains and rivers make an excellent combination, forming a lovely and relaxing landscape. This screensaver brings this soothing feeling right to your desktop. It features an animated 3D scene featuring a river running through a mountainous scenery. The picture is completed by several butterflies and eagles flying around, and a deer drinking water on the river's bank. The river animation is pretty decent and not exaggerated as in other similar screensavers. Also, the screensaver has a nice music background that enhances the relaxing feeling conveyed by the program. You can mute the music, though, or use your own music collection to create a playlist which would activate together with the program. Apart from these, you can't modify any other of the screensaver's settings.

Please note that when installing the program, the wizard offers you to install other software, like a system optimizer, a set of desktop shortcuts and other related screensaver. Also, it allows you to suscribe for receiving the company's newsletter. Nevertheless, you can decline such offers and still have the screensaver installed in your computer.

Victor Hernandez
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